“I can’t comment on Shoigu’s words in any way. I didn’t meet him in Artemovsk!”: Prigozhin again publicly humiliated Shoigu

“I can’t comment on Shoigu’s words in any way. I didn’t meet him in Artemovsk!”: Prigozhin again publicly humiliated Shoigu

The Minister of Defense speculated about the plans after the capture of Bakhmut, and the leader of the PMC in response asked to “stop running ahead of the locomotive” – ​​”heavy battles” are going on in the city.

Sergei Shoigu said that the capture of Artyomovsk (as Bakhmut is called in Russia) continues, and the city itself “is an important center of defense for Ukrainian troops in the Donbass.” The minister also suggested that its transfer under the control of the Russian Federation “will allow further offensive actions deep into the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Before that, rumors appeared in the Russian media about the retreat of Ukrainian forces from Bakhmut.

However, Prigozhin said that the situation in the city is still difficult, and between 12,000 and 20,000 UAF troops remain there.

Commenting on the words of Shoigu, Prigozhin made a number of statements:

“I can’t comment on Shoigu’s words in any way. I didn’t meet him in Artemovsk…

– We have never left a single settlement where the Wagner PMC has set foot.

– Regarding the movement of the front after the “cleansing of Bakhmut”, the media always use a very strange word “clean up”. In Bakhmut, according to various estimates, from 12 to 20 thousand fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If Bakhmut is cleared of them, then they must be destroyed – killed. If you mean putting their uniforms in order and sweeping the streets, Wagner PMC does not do this. It is very difficult to kill 12-20 thousand Ukrainian soldiers by tomorrow morning. Such masters exist only in the bowels of the General Staff or in Soyuzmultfilm ..

– Where will the front move after the capture of Artemovsk, ask Sergei Kuzhugetovich. My name is Evgeny Viktorovich.

Why Sergei Kuzhugetovich talks about these prospects, I do not know. Perhaps in order to please the Russian audience. Perhaps to annoy Zelensky.

– We feel Zelensky’s anger on ourselves in full, and from the joy of the Russian audience, the entrance to the Ministry of Defense was filled with flowers by March 8.

By the way, there is some good news. Recently PMC “Wagner” replenished with another fighter, and his name is Alexei Stolyarov (most likely, we are talking about the namesake of Shoigu’s son-in-law – Alexei Stolyarov, ed.).

– Regarding the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I think that the Minister of Defense assessed them correctly. PMC “Wagner” killed about 11 thousand people in February.

Now for a bonus. According to Bakhmut: the hardest battles are going on both day and night, but the Ukrainians do not run away anywhere. People at Zelensky do not end, more and more thousands are thrown into the “meat grinder”. They have ammunition and weapons – at least eat with your ass, that is, a hu * va cloud.

Once again attention! Ukrainians are not running away. They die en masse for Bakhmut and surrender only as a last resort. Stop calling them cowards. They are the same as we are, and the same blood flows in them.